Being Vegan is Harder Than I Thought!

index When I first took the plunge to become vegan a little over a month ago, I didn’t think it would be very challenging. After all, I had already been a vegetarian for almost 7 years and didn’t eat many dairy products as is but I was wrong! Being vegan is actually a bit more of a challenge then I imagined it to be. My challenge isn’t in wanting meat or anything like that, my biggest rift is finding convenient food! Here in Charlotte we have vegan restaurants, so that is not the issue, the issue is when I am out and I skipped breakfast so I need to grab a quick bite but I can’t because nothing easy is vegan. And breakfast!!! I love breakfast and when I am out and I want to get breakfast food, I can’t because NOTHING IS VEGAN!!! Now, I am not saying vegans have no options because they is so untrue but in terms of “I need something quick” It is really hard. I suppose I will need to start having a snack pack with me when I go out. I am also feeling hungry all the time! With my PCOS, I try to stay away from carbs as much as possible, so when I eat I fill up on vegetables and it’s great..but an hour later I am feeling empty again. I know my body is just trying to get adjusted though. When I first became a vegetarian I was hungry 24/7 but I ate carbs on top of carbs, with my carbs and a side of carbs. This time however, I can’t rely on my starchy friends to keep me sane. This upcoming week I am going to focus of high protein vegetables and eating more beans and tofu and nuts to help fill the void. I will also be snack packing when I go out so that I am not in my car for 2 hours trying to figure out where to go to get a quick bite. Now don’t get me wrong guys, I LOVE being vegan!!! I just need to find away to adjust that works well for me and my schedule!

Also, for an update, I am currently taking my hormone medication to get myself back balanced. The pills make my stomach hurt but I know they are necessary. The rapid weight gain has stopped, so I feel more comfortable going to the gym now. With the PCOS is going to be challenging loosing this extra weight but as long as I stay motivated, I have complete faith in myself.

Until next time,


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