My Life, My health, My Journey


Good morning guys!

Happy Sunday. I love Sundays, it’s the perfect day to reflect on your week, get things prepared and enjoy those last minutes of peace before heading back to work Monday morning. I wanted to make sure I took some time out to do a little writing this morning, while I enjoy my breakfast! Per my last post I briefly mentioned how I was having some health issues and am starting a new chapter in my life to get my health in order. I won’t explain every single thing because some of it is a little too personal but what I will say is I started experiencing some things that were every alarming to me and made me want to see a doctor right away.  One thing I noticed was rapid weight gain, and when I say rapid I mean RAPID! For example I had gained 45lbs in a span of 3 months! Now, I like a slice a pizza just like the next guy but there was nothing I could have been eating or doing to cause such dramatic change in my weight that quickly. I also noticed that my skin was changing, my “lady friend”vanished, my hair seemed thinner and I had knots the size of paint balls in my stomach. I also started having headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness, muscle pain and those dreaded Charlie horses in my legs and back. In the beginning I thought it would all pass but as the months went on, nothing changed and the number on that scale started to scare me! A few weeks ago I finally went to the doctor, they of course ran blood test. I got a call a week later about my results. She did not go into grave detail over the phone but will explain everything to me when I have a follow-up on the 31st on this month (SOOOO long from now!!!) In a nut shell what I do know now is that I have elevated testosterone levels, cause by something called PCOS.  She explained to me that it’s the cause of everything I have been experiencing and can worsen if un-treated. The most shocking part is when she told me that it could cause issues with my fertility, if and when I decide to have children. I am a big baby so at this point I was crying my eyes out but she did tell me not to worry and she will explain everything during my follow up and come up with a game plan. I also will be having an ultrasound during my follow up to see about the knots in my stomach (fingers crossed for no tumors!)

I would be lying to you if I said I have been super healthy and working out and treating my body with care. Last year was one of the most stressful years of my life and my health seems out of my hands. Though 2017 is so much better, I never felt like I bounced back and as a result I am in the position that I am in now. I am not being hard on myself, just being real with myself and I know the doctors with give me medicine for this and medicine for that but the only way I can get back to being the best version of myself is to make a life style change! As you know I have been a vegetarian for years now but I am changing my diet to full on vegan! I plan to practice meal prep, eat more raw organic foods and really be more cautious about what I put in my body. I am also embarking on a fitness journey because this extra weight got to go!

I know journeys are never easy, especially when loosing weight is involved but I believe in myself and my ability to get my life and my health in order before something even worse happens. When I was younger being fit and healthy was all about looking good in a dress or bathing suit but’s about living.

Until next time,


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