New and improved!

Welcome to my new blog!!! For all my older followers, I know you are wondering what happen? Where did she go? What happen to veggielovingfoodie?!!! Well guys, truth is…life happened! I love blogging and sharing with you all but I got to a point where I felt lost in my work. Not only that, I have been hit with some health issues that made me take a few steps back and re-evaluate my life.  I will share the health story in more detail in another post, but for now I just wanted to say HELLO! and I MISS YOU GUYS!! The dynamic to  my new blog, My Edible Rainbow, is still food focused but will be more on the personal side. I will still share recipes, of course but I also wanted to share my health journey, my new vegan journey and more of me as well. I want to use my blog as a diary almost, an outlet to keep me focused and motivated on getting my life and my health in order! I am really looking forward to this!!! Until next time!



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